Sunday, 17 April 2011

17th April


First summer Peregrine.

A strange day started with DJS ringing to tell me there was a White Stork circling over ASDA just a few km away to the south west of me. BS then rang to say he was in ASDA car park and the bird was deirectly above him. I ran up stairs for a better look but nothing, so moved into the garden but still nothing, the houses must have blocked my view. Me and SC then met DJS at Mount Tabor but still couldnt see the bird. Nothing much later bird wise the best being a Imm Peregrine sat on a pylon. Lots of Butterflys this PM the best being a Brimstone that wouldnt land and a Comma that would.

We met a guy from Littleborough who had seen the Stork over his house around 12.30PM it was also seen at Birkstall at 13.08PM probably on its way back to its cage at Harewood House. No sign also of the reported Hooded Crow at Cottonstones.

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