Sunday, 14 August 2011

14th August

 Juv Peregrine.
 Juv Lesser black backed Gull ???????

Out at a local spot with DJS this PM. 25 Wheatears, 1 Raven, 2 Buzzards, 1 juv Peregrine, 2 Kestrels, 1 Red Grouse and the above Gull. Since buying the Helm Gulls id book off DJP I am now more confused than ever regarding juvenile - first winter Lesser's and Herring Gulls. This bird through the scope looked to show Herring Gull features but when it took to flight it appeared to have dark wings and showed no trace of a pale window on the inner primaries, suggesting Lesser Black back. I am begining to think that they can only be reliably separated in flight. (comments still not working)


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