Wednesday, 18 January 2012

3rd Time Lucky

 Good comparison between both races.

At last Northern Long-tailed Tits.
Walked all the way from home up to the top of Luddenden Dean in merky horrible conditions in the hope of seeing the northern long tails. On arriving I met Rochdale birder Allan Nuthall for the first time and we had a good chat about local birding. We had only been stood there about 10 minutes when the tit flock arrived. All the long tails were of the British race, but then out of the merk appeared a fantastic white headed NORTHERN (Allan missed it). No worries though as the owners kindly let us in thier house to view these little balls of fluff feeding in thier garden. The dark merky conditions were not ideal for photographs so I had to make a few adjustments to the camera before shooting, also taking pictures through a glass window is not ideal so Ive had to use the adobe photo shop to sharpen a few up. Allan kindly gave me a lift to Mount Tabor where the Golden Plover flock is now up to 71.

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