Thursday, 2 February 2012

Eastern Jackdaw ?

Went with DJS to see Tall Andy,s Jackdaw at Northowram today. Looks good to me for the eastern race soemmerringii or cross with northern scandinavian race. Also 3 GBBGs over, 1 Stock Dove and a Sparrowhawk.


  1. for me it leans more towards 'monedula'...........soemmerringii has a slightly pale face.if we look at this range map for jackdaw

    1 is the western european race
    2 is monedula
    3 is soemmerringii

    and add in the N L Tits the birds origins lean towards 'monedula'

  2. It seems to me that all Jackdaws with a white collar are classed as Nordic (monedula) in Britain.And there are no definate soemmeringii records at the momentin time.