Thursday, 10 May 2012

A long time ago far far away

 A younger heavy birder at Point Pelee Canada.
 Red headed Woodpecker
 Chestnut sided Warbler
 Turkey Vultures
 Great Blue Heron taken through a pair of binoculars.
 Ring Billed Gulls at Niagra Falls were a doddle
 Daily log for 10th and 12th May
This spring as just about been the worst I can remember, apart from an Osprey, a White Wagtail and finally a Whinchat at Roils Head today, thats been about it, so I had a look back in time to when myself, Tall Andy and big Adey spent 2 weeks in Canada, mostly around the famous migrant spot at Point Pelee on Lake Erie. We recorded 182 species in that time, 130 of which were lifers for me. The 10th of May was a particular good day with over night rain bringing lots of migrants down including some 28 species of Nort American Warblers. Looking through the daily log it looks like the 12th was even better. My personal best find was a Worm Eating Warbler found on the Woodland Trail on 10th. These were the days before digital cameras and Tall Andy took all the photos on what ever camera he had except the Woodpecker (I cheated with that one, its taken off a post card I bought).

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  1. Looks like the 12 th of may is allways good....2012 below