Tuesday, 7 February 2017


February started with a twitch to Derbyshire with AC on 1st to try and see the Dusky Thrush that had been present for the last few months. After Andy’s sat nav took us on a site seeing expedition around the back streets of Sheffield we finally arrived 2 hours 20 minutes later. The bird had not been seen for 3 days so it was a bit of a risk and when we arrived the area where the bird had been seen feeding was closed for the day, so we had to walk round the back up a muddy lane. There were only 2 other birders there and they hadn’t seen it, so we scanned through all the Redwings and Song Thrushes that were feeding in a nearby field but no luck. Then after some 20 minutes I decided to try another area where the bird had apparently favoured a week ago and bingo first bird in my Scope a DUSKY THRUSH, tick, a lifer taking me on to 388 for Britain (should have passed 400 ages ago but not done much twitching the last 10 years). Sadly no photos too far away. Three days later another twitch this time with DF to see the Pine Bunting at Dunnington. I didn’t need Pine Bunting for Britain saw one in Northumberland with DJP in 1992 but it would be a Yorkshire tick so off we went. After waiting in a crowd of about 50 birders for half an hour DF realised he was going to need a scope which he had left in the boot of the car so off he went to get it and you can guess the rest, no sooner had he disappeared than the bunting decided to show. I couldn’t get on to it to start with then after a frustrating 30 seconds there it was in my scope, a second for me and a Yorkshire tick taking my Yorkshire tally up to 327. DF appeared around the corner with said scope but two late the bird had gone, we waited another 3 hours but no show so off we went. No photos too brief and too far away. Oh by the way Yorkshires second ever Pine Bunting at Flamborough Head in 1988 was found by one W E Oddie.
Somewhere in this hedge is the Pine Bunting.

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