Tuesday, 8 March 2011

White Stoat and Red Kite

You can just make out the back of the ermin stoat to the right of the post, first white stoat Ive ever seen, unfortunatly thats the only shot I managed.

2 minutes after the stoat my third Red Kite for Calderdale diffted over mobbed by a Raven I think.

Female Buzzard.

Male Buzzard nick named Darky.

Male Kestrel looking very long winged.
Afternoon out at my local watch point proved very good. Started with 2 Kestrels, then the Buzzard pair appeared, followed by a Sparrowhawk and a Peregrine. I moved to a different observation spot when something white caught my eye on the hillside, bins up to see my first ever white Stoat, the camera was set wrong so I only got a shot of its back, strangly Id spent the weekend looking for one found by DJS at another site but didnt see it. The Stoat had just dissapeared when a Red Kite drifted over mobbed by what looks like a Raven. The bird was fairly distant but I managed a few record shots. Other birds included 17 Lapwings, 1 Golden Plover, 2 Fieldfares, 25 Stock Doves, 2 Reed Buntings and a few Meadow Pipits. The day was only spoilt by a Tornado and another RAF jet that roared down the valley spooking everthing.