Tuesday, 12 July 2011

11th July evening

 Common Buzzards.
Went out with DJS and staked out a potential Nightjar site with no luck. We did however have a pair of Buzzards one of which caught a bird but dropped it. Both adults were calling continual and were joined late on by a third bird possible a fledged juvenile. Talon grappling and display by the male was also noted.These birds were still flying together at 10PM and were joined by a large Peregrine. Tawny Owls were recorded in three different areas including an adult with young huger calling nearby, this adult almost flew into me by mistake but swerved at the last minute (its quite an experiance seeing a Tawny on a direct collition corse with your head). Other birds included a family party of Stonechats, 2 Kestrels and young Mistle Thrushes in 2 areas.

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  1. What an evening that was Nick. Great shots of the Buzzards as well. Shame we dipped on Nightjar!