Monday, 25 July 2011

24th July Funny Wabbits

 Melanistic Black Rabbit on 23rd July.

 Albino White Rabbit with pink eyes on 24th July.
 Kestrel in evening light.
 Out in the evening, usual birds, 4 Kestrels together, 2 Sparrowhawks, one carrying prey, 1 juv male Peregrine and a Common Buzzard calling. Also heard young Sparrowhawks calling from a wood. Other birds included, 2 Curlew, 2 Wheatears, 3 Great Spotted Woodpeckers, 2 Little Owls, 2 Bullfinch, a few LBBGs passing over, 1 Grey Heron and a flock of 100+ Jackdaws. The oddest thing however was an albino Rabbit, I had seen a Black one the day before but this was a true albino, completly white with pink eyes, the first one Ive ever seen.

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