Thursday, 26 April 2012


With all the rain we have been having this last week, Ive not done much birding, only had a Buzzard at Stocks Lane a few days ago and a Wheatear at Roils Head today. SO Ive been reading a belated birthday present my elder brother gave me last week. How these guys survived the 1970s is a mystery. Anyone whos ever played in a Rock Band will love this book, its had me in stitches at times. Actually I think its the Drummer Bill Ward who deserves the tital IRON MAN after all the things the rest of the band did to him, setting him on fire, giving him the gold finger treatment when he was passed out by painting his whole body gold, and letting Ozzy Osbourne take control of an air liner was nearly the last staw for poor Bill. On the subject of books Ive got a few Im selling if anyones interested, they are
Moths of the British Ilses  B Skinner
British and Irish Pug Moths  Riley and Prior
The Magpies  TR Birkhead
Birds in Scotland  VM Thom
Breeding bird Atlas 88 - 91 Gibbons, Reid, Chapman
Wetland bird surveys 2006 - 2010.

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