Friday, 10 March 2017

Return to Rufforth

Returned to Rufforth with Andy and my new toy the Kowa tsn iphone 5 adaptor for my Kowa scope. Andy soon picked out a first winter Iceland Gull in flight followed by an adult Iceland Gull. I had trouble getting on to both of them and only saw them in flight hence no pictures. There were 1000s of gulls on the nearby tip and several hundered landed in the fields for us to look at. I soon began to see what I thought were Caspian Gulls in amongst the throng and started taking pictures of what I believe to be third winter birds, the dark eye was notable on all three (any thoughts on the above photos most welcome). As for the new adaptor, the pics on the back of the phone looked great but when I put them on the Lap Top not so great, probably need more practice.

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