Wednesday, 3 November 2010

3rd November cygnus over

Fieldfares over Tower Hill.

Injurred Robin.
A mixed day today. Whilst waiting for the Waterboard to come and put a water meter in for the third time, I heard the sound of either geese or distant swans passing over. I rushed inside and grabbed my old swift audubons which have seen better days and found my self looking at 9 swans flying south. The image through the bins was terrible so a ran in to the back room and grabbed my Leicas, by this time the birds had dropped out of site so I went up stairs and saw them change direction and head off west, unfortunatly they were too distant to tell if they were Whoopers or Bewicks but hey still a good garden tick. After the water man came and said he couldnt fit a meter (what a surprise) I went my local walk. The first bird I had was a Waxwing flying down Moor End Road and calling as it went. Then I came across a sad looking Robin which had probably just survived bumping into a passing car. It tried to fly but just crashed into a wall when I aproached, so I left the bird hopefully to recover. 50 BHGs and 6 Common Gulls were at Mount Tabor and a flock of Fieldfares flew west at Tower Hill. A small flock of Redwings also flew west at Broadley and 1 hour after seeing the Robin I returned and the bird had gone.

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  1. that first robin is pin sharp,what ever he hit? he does not look happy!