Thursday, 25 November 2010

Winter Blues

With younger brother Mick at Estartit Spain, June 1993.

At Niagra Falls Canada with tall Andy, May 1995. Looks like I had a kind of moody Richie Blackmore thing going.

The three amegos looking towards Gibralta Spain April 1999. (Darrell must have taken this picture.)

and with a friend on Lesvos Greece in May 2001. The last birding holiday I had abroad, think its about time for another overseas trip.

With the worst month of the year approaching (December, I hate it) and not many birds about I found my self looking at some old holiday snaps from yester year. The top one was in Estartit Spain were I think I had 18 new species on foot or from the bus, (do not recomend going all the way to Spain on a bus, would not do it again).
The second one was in Canada in 95 when me tall Andy and big Ady had two weeks in and around Point Pelee, 130 lifers on that trip. Over 180 recorded.
The third was on the Srtaits of Gibraltar with Ady, Andy and Darrell, that was probably the most enjoyable as we got plastered every night I think, got around 22 lifers.
Finaly on Lesvos in 2001 where me Andy and Ady recorded over 160 species in a week and Leeds UTD lost 3 0 in the semi final of the European Cup. Around 23 lifers on that trip I think.


  1. re spain 99

    nothing turns up in april we said as we sat in manchester airport only to go and miss american coot and crag for being pissed every night i do believe we were,i may have to write up the whole trip one day on the blog!!!

  2. Good times indeed.............

  3. One of us (can't remember who)built a pyrimid of empty beer cans which we forgot about and at the end of the day the cleaner had removed them. One of us (me) got so wrecked, it was claimed next day that I was trying to stand an air freshner up on its nozzle without success (dont beleive it).

  4. twas true

    i was there and saw it with my own eyes!

    this was the day i stripped the local supermarket of beer and you lot said i had bought too much! only run out of beer just after the man utd game finished

  5. Pissed every day for sure but the trip with Nick Carter a couple of years later was even worse he's was a right piss head at the time...Good birding... will have to do the Pyrenees some time...