Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Bins

I got my Leica 8x32 bn bins about 8 years ago to replace my fogged up swift audubons, and they have surved me very well. I bought them for their great field of view and depth of field and their close focus. I got them at a bargan price of £559 new, they were selling in other shops at anything between £629 - £700. Having said this in recent weeks whilst out with people with 10x42 bins I found myself struggling to id distant birds whilst they had no problem. I was recomended the Opticron Explorer 10x42 by two birders who paid just over £200. I looked on the internet and found them going for £159.99 so with my birthday comming up I ordered a pair
and they arrived yesterday. Took them and my Leicas out in the field to compare but thick fog had desended. First impressions are very favorable and I will try and give a review to follow.

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  1. Just got an Opticron ES80 scope with 20x60 zoom from Janet Greens for just over £500 and Im highly delighted with it out on the field. With scopes now around £2000 and bins well over £1000 I think Opticron will steal the show.
    When my Zeiss bins which are over 10yrs old pack up I,ll be going for Opticron.