Thursday, 24 February 2011

Opticron Explorers 10x42 vs Leica 8x32

Opticron Explorers 10x42 Leica 8x32bn

Field of view 0 1
Depth of field 0 1
Close focus 1 0
Brightness 1 0
Magnification 1 0
Easy of use 0 1
Cost 1 0

Its probably unfair to judge these against each other one being 10x42 and the other 8x32. Ive given 1 point to the pair that I judged best in each category.
Field of view, the Leica out performed the Opticron with its big 135 mt at 1000mt 7.7degree compared to the Opticron 106mt at 1000mt 6.1 degree.
Depth of field, again the Leica out performed the Opticron with its huge depth of field, where as the Opticron focus is very touchy, I was constantly having to refocus the wheel.
Close focus, I got my Leicas for there close focus but the Opticons focus even closer down to 1.5meters, very impressive.
Brightness, the Opticron appear to be slightly brighter than the Leicas which was a surprise.
Magnification, 10x42 beats 8x32 but the Opticron seem to have that horrible rolling effect that old Zeiss used to have when scanning the horizon, having said this on stationary birs they were great.
Ease of use, The Leicas easily win.
Cost Opticron £159, Leicas £600+ probably now the ultravids will be £1300

Ive bought the Opticrons as a spare pair, only time will tell if I use them all the time or wheather I retuen to my Leicas.

Just looked up the 10x42 Leica ultravids, field of view 112mt at 1000mt 6.4degree, cost£1500+

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